Mozilla Updates: Firefox Monitor Data Breach Notification Service Released

Mozilla releases its new service Firefox Monitor, today. This is a free service to yield users abilities to check if their account have not been a part of a breach. As per the announcement, this service was first initialized in partnership with Troy Hunt’s “Have I been Pawned”, whose data is being shared with Mozilla to power its own Firefox Monitor service for its users.

With this free service offered by Mozilla, a user can easily check if their personal information like passwords or emails have been part of some data breaches. Users can also configure it to get notified when their information has been detected.

Mozilla official Nick Nguyen explains in blog that it can be hard to keep track of when user’s information as been stolen, so, Mozilla is all set to help by launching a new service Firefox Monitor. He added, this service will be free for all users and will notify them when their personal information have been part of a data breach. In addition, Nick also says that the results and positive attention gave confidence to Mozilla that it needs to know, this was a feature it wanted to offer to all its global users.

According to officials, Firefox Monitor scans shared database of Have I Been Pawned and will alerts the users if it finds a match. If you are interested to know how Firefox Monitor looks, the image below will give you its insight.

To initialize with this service, a user can simply visit, and enter their email address. The service will then look up for your email address if it’s been party of any breaches and show the list if something detected. Interested users can also sign up this service to receive notifications through their email, if their email address is ever detected in future breaches.

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